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Rather long post, but hopefully you will read it anyway...

It is interesting how others give people far more attention if it is presumed that they agreed with one's religious (or other) beliefs than those whom are opined to not.
Allow clarification of something. A person called in to a radio program that aired on the internet last night. The program was concerning a meeting to be held in Denver last evening by 100 Illuminati bankers. The one who called in was decidedly 'Christian' and had also had esoteric training in their younger days. This person seemed to be very much aware of the energies involved by those who are involved in 'the arts'. This person suggested that they look elsewhere, to places of concentrated energy- power points- if they wished to disrupt the ritual meeting. The suggestion was only considered briefly by one of the hosts of the program. The Guest Speaker, a presumed authority on the Illuminati, dispelled the suggestion out of hand, convinced that the members of this elite group would Only meet at the Navarre.
The hosts, along with other guest callers, were of the opinion that enlisting the aid of law enforcement would resolve the issue of the nefarious deeds purportedly done at these rituals of the Illuminati.
It is rather naive to think that filing reports with law enforcement would serve the people, since most agencies are 'bought out', and/or controlled by those whom believe they are in power. How do you think they get away with as much as they do?
The power-players, the Illuminati, were holding a ritual last evening and this is post is in regard to that situation, and written with a deliberate 'Christian' slant, in hopes that those so inclined will comprehend what is written 'on their terms', as it were.
To dismiss the idea that these people would meet anywhere but where you believe they would meet is to discredit their ability. These rituals are, in fact, normally held outside in select 'power points', and those that wish to 'catch' these people are often deliberately misled to think their meetings are held elsewhere. ie. at an inside venue.
Not one person called in to the internet radio program (which lasted 6 hrs.) who could say they had verified the stance that these members were, in fact, holding their ritual at the Navarre. Had the hosts and guest speaker of the program been better connected to arrange for someone to be at Red Rocks, or some other known 'power points', however, they may have been able to actually interrupt their meeting. Instead, the guest speaker of the program overall dismissed the idea because he was positive that he was right in his assumption. Did he actually think these members would put themselves in a position that would allow for interruption? People who practice the Dark Arts, those having 'connections' to 'Satan', are not going to be where you assume; they are going to be in a far more protected environment.
They were 'set up' to go chasing a red herring.
God's energy- positively used, is far more effective in disrupting and exposing these people. This positive energy is many times more powerful than what these people can muster- and they can muster energy that is quite capable of destroying those who have no understanding. This guest speaker alluded to an experience where he relied upon God's protection from these diabolical Illuminati members, and dispelled them, so he familiar with that energy.
Those that practice Satanism are quite adept at manipulating negative energy to obtain their desired ends. Their history is quite telling of how well they do what they do. If one is seeking solutions to break their power, one must also know how to 'work' energy...
Having the belief in God will protect one, albeit it will not 'give' one the means to end the nightmare;it just allays their energy; pushes it temporarily away. Clearly, the desired result is to permanently address it, instead of temporarily dispelling it.
If one wish to "get these s.o.b's", one must know how to. To ignore this is equivalent of getting into a car without any knowledge and managing to turn it on, and put it into drive mode without knowing how to utilize the steering wheel or brakes. God can protect you, however it is up to You as to where the car is driven and how it is physically steered and controlled.
Having God's protection is obviously good, yet it has not stopped these nefarious doings of these negatively inclined beings in thousands of years. God has even given us 'tools', as it were, to stop them, enabling us to get things back into 'balance'. Yet, most people remain blinded to these gifts of God. Most choose to think/believe that if our faith is strong, God will somehow rescue us. We forget that we were given gifts from God, and that these gifts were to be used to maintain a balance of energy so Life could thrive. They can be used to combat these negatively bent beings, just as the Illuminati use them to control and diffuse positive energy. We are the children of God, and inherently have the skill and knowledge to conquer such evil...even if we do not yet Know we hold such power, and even if we have no skill in Using this power- we still have it, and it is up to us, as individuals, to become adept in wielding the 'swords' we were given, and learning to wield them collectively. God works through us on this physical plane.
Just as our biological parent's traits are present in our physical bodies, . This is what God meant that even the evil-doers have their place. Once it changes to all positive, peace is obtained simply because the lack of negative puts the Whole at rest (this is what peace means, literally). The Flow of energy becomes seemingly 'non-existent' when it is at rest(although the energy itself is still there;it just is not Moving). The Flow of energy is what Life is.
Live/evil are two sides of the same coin; look at the two words- it is a mirror 'image'. Consider that carefully. WE are created in the image of God.
Some choose to utilize the negative, which allows for a current of life- even though it Appears that there is no rightful place for them; others choose to be positive reflections of God. Once we All choose to be positive, or are 'brought into the Light', as it were, the current ceases to Flow- All becomes Light- All becomes 'at rest', at peace. All becomes One (again). The current of Life ceases to seemingly 'exist' at that point. Do NOT mistake that as justification for ill deeds.
There is nothing posted here that condones evil-doing in any way.
We All have this current of energy- the negative and the positive. It is how we cultivate each of these energies that matter. If we choose to live in the Light, we cultivate the positive; it does not rid us of the negative energy that is inherent in us, but rather enhances the positive. The same holds true of those who cultivate the negative; it does not rid them of the positive energy they hold. Both are necessary in order To live.
It is our conscious- and more often than not, our unconscious- choices we make that enhances one or the other. This is where free will enters the picture.
Words have incredible power- they are comprised of letters. Each letter has a 'consciousness' of its own, unbeknownst to most today. Knowledge of this was the reason certain people became powerful, and others (most, in fact) did not. Early writing was often in symbols (which is what all letters are actually). This is why is was so easy for the pve.
It is our conscious- and more often than not, our unconscious- choices we make that enhances one or the other. This is where free will enters the picture.
Words have incredible power- they are comprised of letters. Each letter has a 'consciousness' of its own, unbeknownst to most today. Knowledge of this was the reason certain people became powerful, and others (most, in fact) did not. Early writing was often in symbols (which is what all letters are actually). This is why is was so easy for the powerful to control the masses (and that holds true today, as well). This is why select few became Kings or religious leaders, etc. Withholding kgly defenseless- however, they Do have that power- and are actually More in touch with these energies than we acknowledge- We have been led to believe- by those who wish to control us- that children and infants are ignorant and defenseless, when in fact they are very 'tuned in' to God's energies, both positive and negative. And they respond more openly to both energies, because in their youth, their infancy, they are in a more neutral state. This is why they can be 'taken advantage of' more easily. (It is too bad someone doesn't record infants- their garbling babble is actually a language, although we do not acknowledge that. We, instead, teach them our learned language).
This 'innocent' state is what these negatively prone people utilize in their rituals- they Use the 'neutral' energy, and manipulate it to their own purposes. Not saying that what they do is good- it is not. Not saying that their use (by sacrificing) is something we need to accept, but rather something we need to comprehend for what it is- it is manipulation of neutral energy for negative purposes. What is apparent is that these negatively bent people are Using that neutral state of energy to enhance their negatively charged energy. To them it is Needed energy, which allows them to 'justify' what they do; to us, it is abhorrent that anyone would harm a child for any reason.
Understand that it is the manipulation of energies that is their key. If one wishes to end their revolting ways, one must become adept. Not just protected. The knowledge is within you. It is within all of us. There are some who are more aware of that, and some who even can assist instructing others in how to use their energies.
Remember...we are All created by the same God, including Satan. Satan's name- Lucifer means 'bringer of Light'; He wanted to bring the Light to us 'non-thinking' entities/creations of God, and God did not want that to happen. One asks why? Why would God be opposed to us having knowledge? Here God creates beings in his image, places us in a Garden of Paradise, instructs us as to what we can and cannot do, and leaves. For what purpose does He do this? God, who is All-Knowing, tells us Not to eat the fruit of these two trees 'lest you die'- yet, all the while Knowing that given the information that we won't,in fact, die, we will partake.(How many parents have told their offspring Not to do something, and the first thing the kid does is exactly what he was told Not to do...hmmm). So along comes one of his angels, informs us that we won't die, so we eat the fruit, and find it good...our eyes are opened, we partook of knowledge. But we didn't eat of the second tree(of Immortality. Meanwhile, God returns, finds out we've eaten the fruit of Knowledge, has a fit, rips up the lease, casts the angel to the ground as well as throwing us out, making us Labour(work at figuring out how to use the knowledge), and conceals the Tree of Immortality to prevent us from also eating its fruit and living forever...'lest they become as Us'; hence the alleged derision- the good/bad, etc. For if we had partaken also of the tree of Immortality, coupled with Knowledge (Light), we would be as Gods. It was like giving an infant a loaded gun- without instructions on how to use the gun(the knowledge, as it were). 'For I Am a jealous God'...heaven forbid that we should hold as much power, and be immortal, as our Creator! Yet we Do have the Knowledge- un-consciously(we use less than 10% of our brain, so it is unconscious knowledge), we Do have the knowledge(we just do not have the immortality). What we Think, and Say becomes Reality.(As Above, so Below;God is all One). Now, are these divisions 'real'? How does one separate One? The separation is merely a veil. As we learn to utilize our Knowledge, the veil dissipates. There is no separation because God is All. And he's annoyed with part of himself(God is One)/His creation(angels...particularly, Satan
a.k.a Lucifer) for giving us the option of deciding to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and Not instructing us of how to utilize it to make sure everything stays 'good'/God. He 'punishes' us by making us leave said garden; He punishes Lucifer, but turning him into a creature that eats dusts and crawls around on his belly (remember, Medicine was instructed by said creature to man...instruction given to man by God, who has apparently taken on a shape of a creature that can move on this plane).
In order to Use the knowledge, we would have to be instructed in how to manage positive and negative energy flows; we'd have the same skills as our Creator. Remember, He is our One God;we can't be having the same power, now can we?He's a jealous God- He wants control of His creation.
But now We have He gives us Free Will. He figures we'll eventually figure out that unless we give up our Free Will willingly(to Him), he'll keep concealing the Tree of Immortality. He promises us we can have it...once we commit to His Will.
At he same time, he knows All is One, so we have the capability to figure out how to use the Knowledge (if we ever stop messing around and apply ourselves). Not to mention, He is All-knowing, so He already knows where all this is going, and what the outcome will be. We have access to Infinite Knowledge in Finite time, as His children. If we want Infinite Knowledge in Infinite Time, we either turn our Free Will over to Him, or figure it out. (Being All Knowing, God figures it may be best for us to learn to manage the energies by practical, hands-on experience vs. Him telling us. Maybe we'll retain the lesson better via trial and error...).
Once we figure out how to manage the energy flow (positive and negative thought, emotion, deed), then we'd figure out where the Tree of Immortality is on our own(which we could do if we stopped messing around creating things that we have no understanding of how they work or the implication of said creations). God already knows that a certain amount of negative energy will be 'used' in the 'end times'(He tells us that even the negative has its uses); all of it gets used/transformed, and then there is 'peace'. Peace means to be at rest. The motion stops.
The energy itself is eternal (which is a 'clue' re: the whole Immortality thing);it just isn't moving/flowing. In order to be on This plane, it has to flow, hence the tidbit of being raised up/lifted to another level/plane. When this occurs is when the negative energy is kaput/put on hold, perhaps until another time when Motion is desired again by God/the One/All.
Now remember, all this was set in Motion by choice (the angel to point out that we wouldn't die by eating of the fruit, and ours by choosing to partake of the fruit). The motion = Life. It is the positive and negative energy Flow.
Clearly, if we wish to have a harmonious world, filled with Love, we need to know What we are creating, and exactly How we are creating, and the end result of our creation. Once we turn ourselves over to God's will, we relinquish our own free will- it becomes One again. Motionless, but One. It is not required that we do this; we can just as well figure it all out on our own and keep our free will (which, if one looks around, we can see how good a job we've done thus far...).
It is the power of Mind- thoughts, words and consequent actions- that is creating what we experience on the most minute to the most grandoise level. Yet, we run around thinking and saying all manner of negative things, creating ever more negativity. We 'entertain' ourselves with an overload of negatively charged 'stuff' (news, movies, books, etc., including people), and then cannot conceive why on earth we experience so much horribleness everywhere.
Hello! WE're creating it! WE're feeding the negative energy constantly. We're cussing out the 'bad' guys, we're watching violence, we're reporting disasters, we're constantly feeding this negative energy- multiplying it exponentially! All the while grieving at what horribleness surrounds us- which creates even More of the same!
Get a grip. God does Not want us to suffer this. We don't want to suffer this. We don't want others to suffer this. Yet we have Not realized that the Tool to create our reality lies with Us.
If we want it to stop, we must cease to do what we have been doing. If we want to end these horrible deeds the Illuminati and others of a negative and controlling bent do, we CAN do it BY acknowledging our own power, by learning to direct our thoughts and words and deeds- our energies. By abstaining from negatively charged words, images, deeds we enhance the positive and the neutral energies. By learning the meanings/intent of the letters/symbols we can direct positive energy.
So when you say,"we're gonna get those s.o.b's...". you are acknowledging the negative energies that they control(they Have taken the time to learn to control those energies!)- You are Feeding into that negative energy. You are also acting as if God had not created those people, as if they are separate from you;Non-God/not good...they are the Same as you(be they angels or whatever- it is All God/All One), they have just chosen to utilize the negative energy, just as you have chosen to use the positive. But remember...GOD CREATED ALL. There is no division, save what division WE choose to create. In order to stop them from doing their evil things, You must put All your thoughts, all your emotions, all your deeds all your Imaging into the positive. No separating, but instead acknowledging that ALL comes from God- we cannot 'fall' from Grace because we Are AS God- It is All One/All God. We have been given the knowledge- we just have not used it well. We have not even Remembered How to use it.
We Have the knowledge; it is within us. We are God's children. We inherently Know. We inherently Have the qualities of our Creator Because we are God's children. It is, therefore, critical that we learn to master our gifts, if we wish to bring things around to a more positive loving 'balance'.
ge to handle the knowledge, we will remain in the state we are in, for better or worse. The choice is ours; That is why we were granted free will.
We could be healing, loving, changing harmful substances to something Life-giving and Holy (all that can be done via Mind-thought, words, and deeds and images). We could be ceasing all negative activity, correcting the polar alignment, putting all things back into a state of balance by learning to utilize our power over energy.WE affect the whole. Yes, the entire Universe and beyond (pretty cool really, if we handle it properly).
We have, at least for the moment, chosen to dwell on the negative, and continue to feed it instead. We are not weak. We ARE children of God. We are the physical manifestation of All. We must learn to accept our responsibility. We are all part of God's physical body on this plane. We Can do miraculous things, if only we realize the truth of that statement.
We were brought the choice to partake of knowledge- by an angel of God- and we made that choice, not knowing the full implications of our choice. Chaos resulted from our ignorance; massive amounts of people throughout the ages has suffered enormously, and all because we Keep excusing ourselves from our responsibility. If you are going to hold a gun, you had better know how to use it. We are holding that gun, and still refusing to learn how to use it.
You may condemn those for having participated in a coven- you may act as if they separate from you- not Godly from your perspective. However, they learned to understand symbols/letters, and learned about the energies, and how to utilize them for Good. They do not teach these things in public school (in fact, they teach people to submit to those in p0to reconsider, and open your mind enough to realize that there may be some who know a bit about what they are talking about. The guest speaker of the radio program was quite polite to those whom he assumed had a 'Christian' bent, even thanking them for calling in. With the one who mentioned the power points, and that this person had participated in an esoteric ritual years before however, he cut off, insisting he "knew" where the Illuminati were going to meet- yet no one during that 6 hr. broadcast was able to substantiate or verify what that speaker insisted as being the 'only' place they would meet. Perhaps the person who suggested looking at power places was simply trying to assist by informing them that the Navarre was a means to throw a red herring. There are several tunnels, allowing variables- and the members would go to a 'power point' for their ritual. Red Rocks is such a place, and has been used as such for centuries. There are many such power places. People all over the world have awareness of such places exisitng. Mid-summer's Eve, and it's compliment in December are most often ritualized outside, as it enhances the energy.
It is hoped that next time the nay-sayers pay attention, and are able to free themselves of assumptions.
And perhaps, they may even be polite enough to at least say 'thank you for calling', instead of cutting someone off since they felt what the person had to say held no merit because that person participated in an event of esoteric nature(which may have been concerning POSITIVE energy) many years ago. It was noticed that that particular speaker did not do that to anyone else who called in, and the presumed 'non-Christian' call was far briefer than most.
God Bless.
It is hoped you glean something of import from this post, or at least take the time to fully consider its content. Also, be mindful that God has instructed us that 'judgement' is not ours(we are not wise enough to hold that duty), and to not judge others takes practice.
Please remember that we can certainly end the atrocities by Not feeding into their energy, their 'money', their products, their 'programming', etc. Without our energy to feed upon, they cannot continue. It breaks the cycle of division, and we can begin repairing our mess.
Those whom we have put into positions of power (not just in our time frame, but over the centuries) thrive only because we buy their products, use their money, allow ourselves to be programmed by them, and we have no idea of how to manage the gifts we inherently hold. The key to freedom and harmony is self-reliance(learn to create what we need Without causing harm) and learning to utilize our God-given gifts. The key to living in 'balance' is to be aware that God is One, and we, as children of God, are endowed with those gifts.
PS: To those not inclined to view Life through the 'Christian' lens, you can substitute what ever name you choose for Universal Energy, Allah, Krishna, whom or whatever... the point of this dissertation remains the same.

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