Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Here is the end of that article that was sent:
"A beginning point in controlling people is understanding human needs, and understanding the individual to be controlled. Another method to control people is to wear clothes of authority.
Not everyone has a price and can be bought out easily. However, everyone will respond to their needs being met. An important military intelligence officer, James K. Van Fleet, wrote about how to manage people. In military intelligence, they keep files on people where they identify which subconscious desires of people are important to the person at the time, and this information can be used to manipulate a person into compliance.
The Intelligence agencies, like all others who desire to control people, know that if they find out what the person wants above all else in life, they can control that person. There are several important areas that are monitored that allow these controllers to see what is important to the person at the moment. These are:
1. emotional security
2. ego-gratification
3. love
4. reassurance of worth or recognition of efforts
5. a sense of roots or a sense of belonging somewhere
6. a sense of personal power
7. immortality
8. creative outlets
9. new experiences
Once controllers monitor these areas, they determine which needs are priority needs for the person, and then they will use what they call "the depth approach" to subconsciously gratify those needs in a way that they gain control over the person.
Modern companies are doing this, as well. Cameras or cookie dough aren’t sold, but making a family memory with the children is. Dish soap isn’t sold, but rather soft beautiful hands are sold. Cosmetic companies don’t sell an item;they sell an image;they sell you hope. Fruit and vegetable dealers don’t sell produce, they sell health and vitality. Car dealers don’t sell cars, they sell prestige and images. Refrigerators and freezers aren’t sold, emotional security from having a full frig or freezer is sold. They have learned to genuinely appeal to those 9 subconscious desires.
But, Buyer Beware! Anything the people get is going to come at a price. The people will have to do something in return for the promised favors bestowed by the controllers. In truth, the controllers don't keep their promises- instead, another calamity 'happens' so that attention is diverted away from what was 'promised', and the patterns starts all over again. For example, Americans were 'promised' safety by submitting to having our rights infringed upon with the Patriot Act, yet safety was never given. Instead, other 'circumstances'/threats etc. have surfaced, allowing those in control to keep shaving away the rights, and meanwhile the peoples own comforts of home, livelihood, and personal security (ie. separation from their children through lock-downs at schools, etc.)has been severely compromised.
The elite do have the resources, considering their power and wealth, to make good on their promises- if they wanted to do so. Obviously, making good on promises is not in their best interests- it is not the name of their game. However, the people's price of obedience to bend to their controller's wishes may well be a total loss of family, rights, and liberty.
Another important factor is that the controllers/abusers want to get the active cooperation of the person being used. This can be accomplished by lies (or facts, if they are convenient) which appeal to the person’s views of right and wrong. They will listen to what a person needs, and solve it for them (not always in the way the person would want the situation to be solved, however). Rather than control by force, subtle or gentle manipulation will accomplish the goal.
The isolation that seems to be self-imposed (but actually is not) that the controllers impose on individuals and populations to prevent real relationships with 'outsiders', and the strong bonding of the people to its controlling entity (trauma bonding, etc.) that is administered via the mind control, actually provides a chance for freedom IF the people survive after the controllers are no longer alive (many people are already programmed subconsciously to self-annihilate ).
As the controllers isolate the people from each other and from mainstream society, they can begin to offer them things that will satisfy their long suppressed emotional needs. These are given in a way that they further lock the person in to the control.
Many of these controlling entities will have already taken into consideration who the population will be passed onto. This is a much bigger picture than just a few select people attempting to control a nation- it is found worldwide, and many, many people are involved in this controlling scenario. It encompasses even simple choices we think we may be making on our own, for example, in the grocery store (as to products we select) or video store (as to what type of movie we will rent or purchase).
Today, we see constant programming going on to keep people isolated...'don't spend time in the sun without sunscreen!'...in other words, stay indoors, isolated, and if you do go out, put this special cream on so that you do not get full benefit of the Sun's vitamin D that is necessary for well-being. And take a chemically produced 'vitamin', instead.
As time goes on, the controllers will weave an ever firming, ever tightening web of control around their assets. They will often use rapport. If a problem develops, it will be addressed with appeals to patriotism, greed, ambition, or fear. Whatever works is the motto of the game.
When one wants to control a group of people, as a leader of a country, Machiavelli’s book is great. Some of those principles can be scaled down to working with individuals.
Another way to control a person is to identify who the key people are in their life and then influence those people. Some of the work in controlling populations and individuals goes on behind the scenes, without the people ever even realizing it.
One of the things important to successfully controlling people is that they know who they are taking orders from. In the military, officers get frustrated because they end up getting conflicting orders from conflicting jurisdictions. This happens with the control of ordinary people too, when too many Chiefs and not enough Indians are around.
Another critical factor to successfully controlling people is knowing what your competition is going to do. Because the controlling entities work with the intelligence agencies, they often know who, what, where, when, and how their 'enemies' are going to challenge them. People such as therapists and ministers, and 'free-thinkers' who challenge the controllers trauma-based programming have nice growing dossiers in various files (ie. CIA, etc.).
Are we able to govern ourselves, and what governing structures can we keep? Since the structure of our minds itself has been tampered with, what can we really trust? Can the mind work correctly to help itself heal? These overwhelming concerns are legitimate questions.
Yes, our minds can function outside of the control of the programmer’s hierarchical arrangement, however, we must return to truth; we must become self-reliant, and stop 'buying into' the false comforts the controllers continually offer up to us. We must stand together as a nation, and rely only upon ourselves. We can also stop the brunt of the programming done by our schools, jobs, and entertainment by choosing to educate our own children, work for ourselves (barter with our neighbors, etc.), and turn our attention to wholesome entertainment (turn off the TV, etc.). We can begin to use our minds more creatively in ways that promote love and compassion- doing things together, creating a self-reliant community and a trusting environment. Once people begin interacting with their families and neighbors, they may be surprised to find out they'll have a treasure-trove of talent and skills that can be exchanged and developed to enhance self-reliance. Getting used to life without controllers is a choice one makes to experience freedom."

Along with brain-washing our young with Prussian styled compulsory 'education', manipulating media, and a multitude of 'marketing strategies, most people can begin to recognize that controlling the masses has been 'standard fare' in most countries for a long time. With a bit of perseverance, people everywhere can begin to undo this madness. An interesting turn of events is happening in Britain- the people are organizing to take to task the small elite group who have brought ruin to their country. It would not be surprising to see this begin to happen in other countries, as well, as people begin to see the depth and effect this sort of activity has had on countless peoples of many nations.

Remember the old adage "You can fool some of the people all of the time and you can fool all of the people some of the time...but you can't fool all of the people all of the time". 'Nuff said.

Friday, February 17, 2012

ALERT!! IRS Online Fillable Forms CALCULATING WRONG!!!

I am compelled to interrupt the post string to ALERT taxpayers that using the Online Fillable Forms on the www.irs.gov website may be to their detriment!
Yesterday, as I was filing, I noticed that on form 8812, the number automatically calculated for Lines 2 and 3 were INCORRECT! The number on Line 2 SHOULD have been the number on Line 3, and the number on Line 3 SHOULD have been the number on Line 2. These automatically calculated & entered numbers could NOT be deleted, NOR fixed by any means. This means that, on this particular form, whatever number (in this case, an INCORRECT number) was on Line 3 was then automatically calculated and entered on Line 13 of that form, as well as on Line 65 of the 1040! This resulted in an ERROR of $104. in this particular case- meaning it REDUCED the TOTAL REFUND BECAUSE of an automated INCORRECT entry.
PLEASE BE AWARE that this may NOT be the ONLY form where errors are happening.
One must ask 'WHO is this benefiting?'

One significant problem with people who were raised using only calculators, and hence, trusting the figures generated by machines, is that they cannot/do not check these figures by doing the math long-hand. They BELIEVE those automated calculations to be correct, and mistakenly assume that these machines cannot make any errors. Furthermore, most of these people who were raised using calculators do not generally have the skill or know-how to do math the 'old-fashioned way', using a pen and paper and their own brain.

This error with the IRS Online Free Filing Fillable Forms can- and already may -lead to millions and millions of taxpayers either RECEIVING LESS ON THEIR REFUND than what is owed to them, or they may end up PAYING MORE TAX than they actually owe.

Again- WHO is benefiting? The IRS CLAIMS these forms are furnished by independent companies that are not part of the IRS. In researching the particular alleged company yesterday, I found the phone number (supposedly to resolve problems) given to me BY the IRS man did not actually GO to the alleged company, but instead, went to a Conferencing company. This company assured me that they only organize conferences for other companies, and had nothing to do with the company the iRS said they did, nor did they have anything to do with the IRS. I tried the number twice;both times reaching this Conferencing company.
When I researched further, I did find a few articles referring to the company the IRS said was responsible for these online fillable forms. The phone numbers on the articles gave the same exact number (the one that reaches the conferencing company, and NOT the company responsible for the fillable forms for the IRS). The articles also gave a second number, supposedly for use 'internationally'. However, the second number was a Disconnected phone line.

It made me wonder where the excess money owed to taxpayers was ultimately going to...Is it STAYING in the US Treasury, even though it is owed to taxpayers? OR is it being funneled off to somewhere else? In either case, it would behoove the taxpayer to DOUBLE CHECK ALL FIGURES if they are filing using the online Free Filing forms.

When I finally -after several hours- was able to reach someone who could do something about the errors generated automatically with these programs, I was told that the IRS has been "riddled with errors on these programs" and is working to resolve them. Of course, this may not be easily done, since REPORTING any errors takes HOURS and lots of PERSERVERANCE- the IRS may not even KNOW about ALL the problems UNLESS they ARE reported! Most people will not go to such lengths to report them. I did because I thought it was important that it gets corrected, as it may assist other taxpayers- some of whom won't even realize they are getting ripped off!

So PLEASE BE CAREFUL when filing online. I would advise to do your forms long-hand, and double check everything BEFORE attempting to use the online fillable forms (or any other online method). This will allow you to check to see if the figures are correct, and if they've been entered on the correct lines.

A fellow with the IRS actually went online, attempted to fill it out correctly, and agreed tha2C even if they have already filed!! PLEASE be mindful.

If anyone else finds or has had similar problems, you can report them to the IRS Website Support Team at:
1-800-876-1715, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Looking a bit deeper....

Continuing from the previous post, on with the subject of controlling the masses, the article goes on to say:
"Something to remember is that duplicity- the use of mirror or imitation images- in controlling people has been around a very long time. The elite were taught, by Machiavelli, for example, how to rule through duplicity--that is, to rule using imitation images.

In order to control individuals and nations, often the first thing which is attacked is the sense of identity. As a moral, spiritual being, the sense of identity is critical to their overall perception of who they are. Controlling entities target both individuals and nations to destroy their ethical self-respect. These, the individual and the nation, must be brought to think of themselves as less than human.
Another primary tool or tactic employed is to traumatize the person or group who is to be controlled, and then provide relief when a negative lie is accepted.
An important trauma used is rejection, because it creates a desire for performance and/or retaliation, and gets people trapped in a bondage loop. Lies put people into bondage, as well. Images are a type of lie, that lead to bondage. This is why so many images and lies are placed in front of us on a daily basis. These images and lies are inherently bondage-makers. These tools are used to essentially capture people ( via their minds) and force them into a bondage state.
Fear and self-preservation are grounded in death, if one actually examines those. To preserve ourselves, we will allow ourselves to be enslaved. (Eventually, mind-controlled people and society in general, in order for peace, safety and self-preservation will transfer their allegiance to the controllers, or master programmers).
Another tactic used in mind control is Isolation. (How many families actively interact with their neighbors daily today? Or are most people so exhausted that when they get home, they just eat, watch tv and go to bed?) Slowly we are programmed to believe that we are incapable of feeling and that we have no feelings. As infants, we are taught not cry during our own suffering, and are constantly being de-sensitized and encouraged to feel incapable of caring for the suffering of others.
These controllers can basically make or remake reality to be what they want, and the people subjected to this mind controlling come to accept whatever they are presented with as truth. Not just individuals, but whole nations are programmed to believe it as truth.
Learning plays an important part in perception. Those attempting to control others try to get their people to subscribe to certain philosophies and ideas. This will make it hard for people to rebel against those doing the controlling. Once a belief is embedded in the brain and accepted as truth, it will remain there tenaciously. The person feels the authority coming from or presented from this 'teacher', and often attributes the 'teacher' with special gifts and abilities. The person, after all, is hardly in a position to question the teachings being given from these authorities. Circular reasoning, lies, and other tricks and tools are used to convince the person that the false world presented to them is true.
We might hear 'science' present a statement such as,"Through genetics, we can insure better health, essentially design a better man, a man with far more capabilities than before. Those who disagree with using this technology are trying to keep humankind back in the dark ages." This is an example of circular reasoning and outright lies that are presented to us. (The truth is that these controllers are not interested in helping mankind, only enslaving it and destroying it). To make their own philosophies more palatable, their world-view attacks the character of anyone whose view would dispute their many false claims. A great deal of rationalization is used, as well, where the end justifies the means. For example, at this moment in time, orchestration is taking place to pass a UN Small Arms Treaty- under the pretense of trying to prevent guns being smuggled- when, in fact, it is designed to take away all nations, including America's, right to bear arms.
One of the ways to control a person is to get them angry and then, channel that hate. Wars have been used for centuries to control their people by the oligarchies that run things. Right now, the so-called New World Order is carrying out a Drug War, an Environmental War, and many other conflicts ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc) for the express purpose to control us. They, no doubt, have a mock-alien invasion planned to further justify more control over our lives, as well. They will use whatever tactic necessary to keep people in a state of fear. Each tactic is deliberately designed to make and keep people subservient.
Mankind, over the centuries, has created an entire industry around warfare. There are long standing traditions within military units, that for some reason, must be "upheld" by the men and women who serve in those units. It has been proven repeatedly that when people buy into the philosophies of war, they can generally be persuaded to give up, or do anything to contribute to that war. Of course, any sacrifice will be minimal compared to the large numbers of people whose lives are sacrificed.
One of the critical purposes of this type of trauma-based mind-control is to produce robotic soldiers who will do anything. Normal military training is usually sufficient for most military needs, however. Perhaps a 'controlled public' ultimately has some ulterior use for the controllers, and perhaps the the military doesn’t want the public to know about those plans, or perhaps does not even know the controllers plan.
The programming that has been integrated into the minds of people has been ingenious and very complex. As this program with ultimate control progresses over the years, the programming becomes more sophisticated, and improvements on past mistakes are continually being made.
No doubt these major controllers will do whatever it takes to serve their ends, so do not expect this to be an easy thing to end. Every intelligence service since time began has sought methods of owning people, enslaving people and ensuring they stayed loyal. There are no moral or financial or ethical restraints on what is being done. They are adept at controlling people, and have centuries of history to attest to that.
It can be ended, and must be done. We must learn to care for ourselves, and take care of our needs ourselves. It is not just a matter of taking back our countries- we must take back our souls and minds, and our bodies and our economies..
People must first realize the extent of what has been going on by these controllers in order to keep people in such a suppressed state."
There have been many methods used in order to suppress people, with education being a very critical tool. By deliberately extending the length of 'childhood', inventing 'adolescence', and brainwashing and programming children from very early on through their late teens, (and often longer, well in to their twenties or thirties) with mandated compulsory 'education', the controllers are greatly assisted in creating a 90+% 'human resource' or workforce, lead by 5+% 'managers', for a 1% elite group of 'designers'.
This program has not been designed to assist educating and advancing people, but rather programming them for placement into a corporate-minded work force, often doing menial or degrading jobs not equal to the persons natural abilities. The programming is not meant to bring out the best or promote innovation and self-reliance, but rather to keep people dull, subservient and dependent.
If we take a hard look at the state of our world today, we can see how this is being played out. Each country and region thinking that the economic issues are more local than they really are, when, in fact, this same programming has been instituted into every corner, affecting every nation and community. Being groomed for slavehood hardly is appealing to anyone, yet that is what has been happening.
As each nation falls prey to the controllers overall plan, controlling the masses expands to insidious proportions. It certainly has not served any individual or country; it simply serves those who wish to control.
We will explore more on the subject of controlling the masses with a continuation of the article in the next post. Until then, be mindful.