Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Things People Come Up With...

A family member sent me an interesting link to alternative lighting recently. As you may have guessed, I'm always looking for those interesting tidbits. Thought I'd share this. Apparently in the Phillipines, many people live entirely different than a lot of the world. It's too hot there, and there's an inordinate amount of people living in rather small quarters. Due to the lack of the materials other places have, these people make do. One fellow came up with a solution to brighten their homes with an interesting method. He picked up an empty plastic liter bottle, put some water in it, and noticed it beamed light from the sun. Now, he adds a touch of bleach (to keep bacteria from having too much fun),and cuts a whole in the roof,sticks the bottle in, seals it, and he's got light.
I doubt too many light companies would allow that trend to get too far. They'd be more likely to put some regulation on the book, like they did with people having solar panels and creating energy.
I suppose one could always use those in conjunction with insulation in the roof.Here's a n equally simple idea. Packaging and shipping companies sell large bags full of small curled polyurethane pieces.Just hang a piece of plastic, leaving an open area to stick the curly 'popcorn' into, and you've got a fairly inexpensive and effective insulation.You just fill the pocket, seal it at the opening, and this type of insulation let's you use thick or thinner areas, so there'd be minimal interference with this type of lightbulb. Now, there's inexpensive methods to light and insulate!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Disturbing, at best...

Last night, while researching, I came across an article published by Tom Bearden.
This article is soooo incredible. Even if you do not comprehend half of the terminology in it, I would urge you to keep reading it. It basically says that by utilizing electromagnetic energy, total health can be restored. I found this article on his website, under an article titled,'How to neutralize Nuclear Waste in 9.1 Minutes'
Here's the link to the article:

After reading it, and realizing fully what it was saying, I sat in wonder- totally amazed that this technology was NOT being used to save all the people who have recently been exposed to extreme radiation poisoning in Japan- Then I realized that this was NOT even recently discovered and proven! WHY is this NOT being used for the people that suffered from the Chernobyl incident? WHY have they NOT cleaned up the environment using this profound technology??

In his paper, he writes:
"Conditioned EM fields, potentials and waves may be used for the treatment of living cells, for the purpose of healing any form of cellular damage. Fig. 27 is a block diagram of a treatment unit for treating a living body, utilizing several teachings of the present invention in combination. The embodiment shown in Fig. 27 time-reverses an entire cellular mass – including altered genetics, as in AIDS – back to a previous healthy state. This embodiment is capable of reversing any kind of cellular damage or disease, including physical damage, genetic damage, damage due to infections, toxins, chemical poisoning, nuclear radiation, metabolic changes, etc. It is theoretically capable of reversing the physical effects of aging. Time reversal physically changes the cell and all its internal parts, including its genetics and the molecular constitution of its amino acids, proteins, etc. The limitation of this embodiment is that the treated cells can only be reversed back to those physical states in which the cells, or their progenitor ancestral cells, actually existed at some time in the past. Thus this embodiment is incapable of curing congenital defects, e.g., since the affected cells never possessed a normal state. On the other hand, cancer, leukemia, infectious diseases, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, and other diseases of cellular disordering from a previous normally ordered state, can all be treated and cured, since there existed previous normal states".

To me, this is incredible. To KNOW they HAVE the means to make people healthy, and utilize this in so many positive ways!
Last night, when I read this paper, I copied and pasted some of the information so as to be able to further research this matter. You may find some of these notes of Bearden's interesting:
A new unified field theory has been developed, tested, and at least partially verified experimentally. The concepts of the theory have been applied by Sweet in a series of inventions that produce readily usable, safe electromagnetic power directly from the vacuum. The methodology lends itself to formulation of power devices without moving parts. Antigravity, predicted by the concepts of the theory, has been demonstrated in actual practical demonstrations on the laboratory bench. Though not discussed in this paper, application of the concepts and methodology to a large variety of other fields, such as medical reversal of aging and curing of almost the entire range of present debilitating diseases, has been previously pointed out. [ref. 23] We have also pointed out the mechanism for Kaznacheyev's cytopathogenic effect, or the induction of cellular pathology at a distance by electromagnetic means. [ref. 24] We have also pointed out the specific mechanism involved in Priore's device, which in rigorous laboratory animal testing under the auspices of eminent French scientists, demonstrated nearly 100 percent cures for terminal cancers and leukemias, sleeping sickness, artherosclerosis, and other debilitating diseases.[ref. 25] We believe we have also produced the concepts enabling the direct engineering and therapeutic manipulation of Popp's master cellular control system. [ref. 26] We conclude that the concepts we have utilized and experimentally demonstrated are universal, as implied by any notional unified field theory. Our conclusion is that the concepts, theory, and experiments, taken together, are sufficient for investigation and replication by the scientific community. If replicated and fully substantiated, we believe the work will directly point the way to, and usher in, a new unified field theory physics of universal application.
As can be seen, the implications of the new approach are profound. The authors believe they have ushered in the forerunner of a vast new physics, one which will change our lives, and our view of physical reality, in ways previously undreamed of. By mastering, controlling, and gating the vast, incredible energy of the seething vacuum, we can power our automobiles, flying machines, and technology inexhaustibly. Further, it can be done absolutely cleanly; there are no noxious chemical pollutants to poison the biosphere. With practical antigravity, ships can be developed to cross the solar system as readily as one crosses the ocean today. And the ships, automobiles, and technology will never run out of fuel; the inexhaustible vacuum fills every system, everywhere, to overflowing.
Not discussed in this paper, it turns out that living systems, faced with the problem of achieving negentropy so as to maintain their form in a dissipative external physical reality, have always used the hidden internal channel for such things as mind, thought, cell control, and living functions.
With the new methodology, one now faces the advent of access and engineering of the mind and life of the observer as readily as the observer's physical body. Transmutation of the elements, control of the weather, lighting and powering our cities and homes cheaply and cleanly, and provision of plenty for everyone is the vista for the future. We can in fact clean up the radioactive wastes, rid ourselves of coarse nuclear and petroleum powerplants. We strongly stress that, with the ability to engineer the Schroedinger equation itself, the new methodology allows the direct engineering and control of quantum change, and hence of physical reality itself.
The methodology is extendable to hyperdimensions; nested virtual levels of the vacuum are already precisely that. The author has already pointed out the application of this emerging technology to the absolute cure of diseases such as AIDS, cancer, leukemia, etc., and shown that the Priore device in France already proved the efficacy of the application in the 60s and 70s. We shall be able to rid ourselves and our descendents of diseases. With direct access to the actual software of life and mind, in the future we should be able to achieve levels of education previously unattainable, by directly inputting the relevant software.
Previously we have also pointed out that four nations of the world are already embarked on weaponization of scalar EM unified field technology. It is sobering to think that, in addition to having the ability to make our planet a paradise for humankind, we also will have the ability to make it a hades. For that reason, we are doing our best to clarify the technical concept and the theory in this 1991, hopefully with the view that humankind will seize upon the positive aspects, and develop and apply this technology for the betterment of all people everywhere. Long ago, Albert Einstein said these words: "It would of course be a great step forward if we succeeded in combining the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field into a single structure. Only so could the era in theoretical physics inaugurated by Faraday and Clerk Maxwell be brought to a satisfactory close." And Teilhard de Chardin wrote: "Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world man will have discovered fire." The authors fervently believe they have come upon fire for the second time, as allegorized by de Chardin. If so, let us all use the knowledge wisely".

I agreed with that!
What say we put this to good use?

There's a way...

Sometimes, I think about what would happen if...
To me, a lot of things could easily go very, very wrong, what the the world in the state it is in today. However, there is a way to assure that we can thrive. It wuld take a bit of ingenuity, a bit of sweat, but it could be done. After all, in this day and age, we have a multitude of resources at our disposal that our ancestors did not have. Yet, they managed to carve out a living, managed to organize and group together what they needed to build great nations.
It starts with a willingness to rely on oneself, and connect with one's neighbors
Each of us has certain skills and talents that are useful. Each of us can find the resources necessary to fulfill dreams.
When we are willing to put those talents to work for ourselves- instead of relying on Big Conglomerate Corporations and Big Government- then, and only then are we free from the chains that currently bind us.
We can make the products we need, and we can provide the services we want. We just have to be willing to do it- again.
In the past few years, many people have noticed a definite degradation in the quality of goods we can purchase from these Mega Companies, and many have noticed the containers getting smaller and smaller, while the prices of those goods keeps increasing. The way we can stop this madness is simple.
If we can no longer purchase soap that actually cleans, then we start to make it ourselves. If we don't like eating tampered with foods, like GMO's and GME's, we grow our own. If we don't like the price of cars, and the fact that you need a computer specialist to fix them, then we build our own. If we don't like our jobs being sent overseas, then we create jobs right here at home. If we don't like our clothes and goods falling apart and being made with dangerous materials, then we make our clothes right here, and we make our goods right here.
Who are these servants, that we pay, to tell us we cannot have incandescent lightbulbs if that it the safest lightbulb? We'll make our own, and buy our own. These factories are sitting vacant- let us put our resources together, purchase them, and start using them again to manufacture the products we actually do want to have.
I recently saw a historic shirt manufacturing building up for sale, and I thought about how many jobs re-opening that facility would provide. I thought about how many people could gather the necessary resources to produce a good sturdy, finely woven cloth to make stylish, well-made quality shirts.
I thought about all the oil reserves this country has (look up Bakken, for starters). If these controlling entities don't want to provide us with quality fuel at a fair price, fine. let them keep buying their overly priced oil- but not at OUR expense. Let us just use our own, which will be $16 a barrel, instead. We don't need it. A few people starting up a small oil company, obtaining that local oil will certainly be supported by us. Good luck to them finding buyers for theirs.
Their soap doesn't want to suds, doesn't clean grease, and is diluted and over-priced? Fine. We can make our own quality product and, no doubt, sell it cheaper. Let's see just how big of a dent we can put in that market.
Don't like the excessive price of rent? Fine. Pool the resources, buy up some of these great places they foreclosed on, and then charge cheap rent. If the profits are used wisely, we could Keep buying up places, and get on a real roll with that one. Whose going to want to keep renting places that are cheaply built and exorbitantly priced?
Look at all these opportunities to start making our own goods again, and start providing our own services again, including water, and telephone!
It is the best way to become self-reliant again, and once we are, then we don't need to be lead around by the nose any longer.
We've done all this before- and with few resources available, so it can be done. It can be done much quicker and easier than before. It just takes us to act.
Let us set ourselves free from the grip of those who wish to ensnare and enslave us. We don't need to be taken advantage of any longer. We simply need to make what we want and need. This cuts those who would see our ruin right out of the picture. We don't require them, nor their permission.
Let us replace this decrepit scenario with one better suited to our liking.