Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Things People Come Up With...

A family member sent me an interesting link to alternative lighting recently. As you may have guessed, I'm always looking for those interesting tidbits. Thought I'd share this. Apparently in the Phillipines, many people live entirely different than a lot of the world. It's too hot there, and there's an inordinate amount of people living in rather small quarters. Due to the lack of the materials other places have, these people make do. One fellow came up with a solution to brighten their homes with an interesting method. He picked up an empty plastic liter bottle, put some water in it, and noticed it beamed light from the sun. Now, he adds a touch of bleach (to keep bacteria from having too much fun),and cuts a whole in the roof,sticks the bottle in, seals it, and he's got light.
I doubt too many light companies would allow that trend to get too far. They'd be more likely to put some regulation on the book, like they did with people having solar panels and creating energy.
I suppose one could always use those in conjunction with insulation in the roof.Here's a n equally simple idea. Packaging and shipping companies sell large bags full of small curled polyurethane pieces.Just hang a piece of plastic, leaving an open area to stick the curly 'popcorn' into, and you've got a fairly inexpensive and effective insulation.You just fill the pocket, seal it at the opening, and this type of insulation let's you use thick or thinner areas, so there'd be minimal interference with this type of lightbulb. Now, there's inexpensive methods to light and insulate!

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