Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shedding Light

It came to my attention that, in the State of Colorado, State offices hire out the task of changing light bulbs. Not only do they hire this simple task out to a maintainence company, that company, in turn, then hires out someone else to do the actual job. On one hand, I suppose this is keeping some people employed that might not otherwise be employed, however, it seems like an additional government expense that could be allieviated if someone in the office actually managed to change the light bulb when it no longer functioned.
Overheard at one State office was a comment that the person hired to change the light bulb made that might cause some concern. It was mentioned that these light bulbs would, in the very near future, blow out the ballast, requiring further repair work and more cost every time a light bulb met the end of its expected lifetime. These new light bulbs, according to the installer, were being deliberately designed to blow out the ballast. So, instead of just replacing the bulb, complete replacement of the entire ballast and the bulb would be required.
This seems like a huge waste of money having to replace the entire unit, and the bulb, every time a bulb expires...but I suppose that is just 'efficient' use of the tax payers money, right?
Perhaps, we need to let our representatives know our opinions on this matter as soon as possible.
Contact your Governor's office, and any State office that deals with appropriation of money, as well as any energy office and voice your concerns. This may be going on in every State.

Here's another helpful link:

The new light bulbs most likely will be sold to every business in the near future as well. Our officials need to have these issues brought to their attention and the situation corrected before these deliberate ballast destroying bulbs make their way into every school, business, and public building.

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