Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Business As Usual????

I received the following email recently: Can you believe this happens in the US of A??? Talk about SHOCK AND AWE - watch this 21” video for a full dose - raids on small businesses. Small business today – tomorrow maybe our homes? I’m in total disbelief and very angry and disgusted after viewing this video – take the time to watch it. Be afraid – be very afraid. It’s a re-enactment, but very scary nonetheless. Imagine yourself as one of those being detained under such circumstances. Eric Holder should be behind bars. Version 1: Version 2: Now one has to bear in mind that the strength of this country was founded on small and mis-sized businesses- entrepreneurs. This effort made by individuals was what MADE our country. It was not built by the mega-corporations, but by individuals and families who built businesses based upon our needs and wants. If these businesses today are being harmed by invasions of armed forces, with illegal warrants, and no charges filed, the damage done to these businesses cannot be simply fixed. These armed squads come in, remove all the communication devices, telephones, computers, etc., and then all the files of the business, and then take their money...How are these businesses supposed to continue on with their daily tasks? What about the visual damage? People driving by, or walking by, or even seeing these raids on TV...they form an opinion that the business must be doing something wrong. The damage to these companies suffers repercussions from customers who no longer can easily contact that business. It suffers from ill-informed opinions from people who witness several cars of armed officers raiding the business. it suffers from not having access to its own records in order to keep things running smoothly with its customers. It suffers from terrified employees who question whether the job is worth being detained over, and having their personal property removed, and from not being allowed contact with anyone who might help them. How many people want to work under such conditions? So many of these businesses are intimidated that they don't want people knowing what has happened to them- for fear of further vindictive reaction from these gestapo squads. What these raids accomplish is total submission, instilling fear. Now think about this. If enough small and mid-sized businesses are harmed in this fashion, what will happen to the country? Is this what we want happening in the country that similar small businesses formed? These businesses are the backbone of our country. These tactics MUST be stopped. The only way to do that is if YOU get outraged enough to demand that it be stopped. Please pass this on to every business owner you know. If this is not stopped, we stand to break the very backbone of our country. Not to mention, it gives the mega-corporations even more unbridled power over every aspect of our lives. The more people who become aware of this issue, the better. Those that realize that once the small and mid-sized businesses are destroyed, unimaginable damage happens to us all.

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