Sunday, September 9, 2012

To Get Out of the Mess...

The only way for people to be free of the 'game' is to be self-reliant. Once we re-learn how to be self-reliant, we are no longer dependent on any of the game-players for our 'politics', food, 'money',or anything else. Being self-reliant takes away the self-imposed control by those who clearly do not have our best interest at heart.
Boycotting one faction on a multi-tentacled monster is not going to seriously slow the action down. They've got their bases covered. Forming a political alliance plays into their game, just as a consumer alliance would also, simply because these control networks go far deeper than most suspect. For example, let's say you buy Stonefield youghurt- it's organic, etc- well, it's owned by Dannon, who has ties with Lever, who has ties with Pepsico, who is in cahoots with Coca-Cola under World Beverage Partners...Each company has lists of hundreds of subsidiaries- they aren't competitors; they are all joined at the hip.
The way to NOT support them is to make your own, or find someone who can/does & trade for something you can do/make.
Or say, 7th Generation- green products, right? Nay. They BUY their products from a variety of "unknown" sources & slap their label on them.
Most of these mega corps have the same directors on several boards of several other corporations. Take UPS. Not just a shipping company, but they have connections to GM, Coca-Cola, etc., etc.;they own communications,finance,& conglomerate of other non-shipping companies. Same with Coca-Cola;owns water bottling companies, has hands in utilities, manufacturers, clothing, personal goods, name it. ALL have someone with some political position. Even though most of their company headquarters are no longer in the US; they have heavy foreign ties (and most are NOT US companies any longer).It isn't about greed; it's about control.
If you don't want someone controlling you, you have to do things for yourself ie.self-reliance Start w/family, then neighborhood, then community, etc. Keyword:network
Everybody knows how to do something, and that something can be traded/exchanged to achieve self-reliance. Without support,the big guns cannot control.
Stop using/giving them money, stop using their 'network', stop using their products, etc. It may take time to get your/our thing going, but not too long- after all, there are things essential to living, and necessity is the mother of invention.
We've managed before;we can manage again. Only THIS time, govern our/yourselves.That is what our Founding Documents give us the right to do. Uphold that right by DOING it, instead of handing over that job to others who do NOT have your/our best interests at heart. If every nation did that, we'd have a great place because we'd finally experience freedom.
America is the place to get that ball rolling- and it CAN be done. Self-reliance is the foundation of freedom. If you want a free country, become self-reliant. Stop waiting for a saviour to fix the problems. We (as a country) created the problem by giving up our self-reliance. We trusted others to handle things for us. That trust was misplaced. We're the only ones who will/can fix that.

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