Monday, January 9, 2012

Energy to solve the problems

There has been considerable research over the centuries, stating that there is a Universal, or perhaps even larger, energy source that permeates all in existence, past, present, and future.
Our bodies act as antennae, tapping into, collecting, even refining this energy, and again emitting it back into the environment.
Since there are numerous tools available to assist us in recognizing and consciously handling this abundant energy, it would seem prudent to learn all we can regarding its qualities, uses, and capabilities. Perhaps it is the way to finally cooperate with all other aspects of Life. Perhaps it is the very tool we've been looking for all these millennium to properly interact with all other species and forms of existence. Perhaps it is the key to living on this planet without being dependent on a political or religious structure, and/or without being dependent on abusing our resources in order to live in comfort, and to sustain our growth in a proper and positively balanced manner.
This energy that we tap into, whether we are conscious of it or not, can to be utilized in order to attain our pinnacle in a balanced and ethical manner to obtain optimum results for all.
There is no sense in thinking that the controlling entities who have enslaved us over the centuries, and squandered and abused every resource are going to magically change their minds, grow a conscience and stop doing what they do. There is no point in making further division between 'us' and 'them'.
However, if we choose to decide to recognize this powerful and abundant energy and to actively, consciously utilize it to positively alter the scenario, that will produce the desired harmony and balance. As that happens, those now controlling our fates, as it were, can be healed thus completely altering everything into a positive culmination for all.
Science has been proving that the beliefs and wisdom of the ancients is not, in fact, nonsense without ground. This energy does connect all, and does communicate. It gives us the power to heal, and is not limited to just the self. Once we recognize that we are, on some level, in tune with it, we can heal ourselves, others, our environment, our social structures, and we can provide all our needs and wants at will. How amazing our knowledge of the particulars of our world may be expanded by doing so!
To be in sync with All is what we have sought for as long as we can recall, and this energy has been available throughout all time and space. Yet, we have been ignorantly blind of it's existence, capability, and our access to it for the most part, even though it has always been with us, through us, and around us.
All this knowledge is already within us. You did not REALLY think that 90% of you brain was sitting idle, did you? Clearly, the way to consciously connect with the energy is to open ourselves, and follow our intuitiveness, and acknowledge that it has always been with us. Trust. Let go of everything we've been led to believe, everything we've been taught, and just trust.
The information is all there on how to live without abusing ourselves, each other and our world. The means to live in harmony and in a self-governing manner are all within. All the skills and talent and know-how are all available at all times.
We have the ability to alter any harmful substance into a life-giving and balanced substance. We can cure any problem, any dis-ease. We can bring our world back into a state of balance for all.
All we have to do is 'hear'. Lose all doubt, and know, with unabashed certainty, that all this, and more is possible.
How amazing is that? It means that we no longer need to be enslaved by those wishing to control for their own 'profit'. It means that we no longer need governments. It means we no longer require borders or division of any sort. Because once we heal ourselves, we can heal whatever else needs healing so that all will be balanced and in harmony with the energy.
This concentrated and conscious utilization of the energy corrects whatever is out of balance, providing us with the power to travel without use of vehicles or fuels. Putting balance back into everything provides us with the energy to live without auxiliary use of resources for heat or light, opening abundance on every level for all. This can be accomplished by using our Minds in the manner they were designed to be used.
Perhaps, instead of worrying about who may be the next 'leader', we can put our attention on bringing about harmony and balance and becoming totally in sync with the energy. Surely, this accomplishes far more positive 'results' than most anything we've done over the many, many centuries. It is certainly worth going for.
Our role here is 'to take care of', and not to superficially 'control' various aspects to correspond with our whim's desire without regard for anyone or anything else. We are here to rejoice in all that has been gifted to us.
We have not been able to do that with the current system we've put into place. Shall we give our attention over to the energy, instead? Let us manifest the best via recognizing that the energy abounds to assist us in this purpose.
Envision (in-vision)a planet filled with happy, healthy, balanced people, with all species healthy and content. All necessary needs and positive wants are met. Everyone is healthy, comfortable and filled with joy.
Imagine- via creating a complete image- total balance and harmony for all.
You have nothing to lose by doing this, other than whatever limits and binds you right now. Surely, you can let those go without regret :)

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