Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take Action!!

It is definitely time to take action!
First of all, there was only ONE man who stood up and opposed the this. For Rhode Island.
According to WorldNetDaily:"When Congress adopted and Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, alarms were raised over the possibility that it would allow the indefinite and rights-free detention of those who are called "belligerents," even if they are American citizens. While the argument over those provisions rages, one lawmaker in has jumped into action to protect the danger he sees for residents of his state". This can now be done without ANY PROOF.
Where are all the other Senators and Representatives on this? Why are they NOT protecting the rights of Americans and UPHOLDING our Constitutional rights??

Secondly, SOPA and PIPA are definite threats to our internet as we know it. These propsed actions will take away our freedom to communicate freely, and invader our privacy even more than what is already happening. The sad thing is that those who are for these actions ALREADY have the means available to protect their copyright material, so this kind of action is totally UNNECESSARY. There are thousands who are opposing this, and many will protesting by black-out- which will be happening very soon!

Third, we have an officer who thinks it is OK to take away people's weapons- even though that person had the proper permits- to protect themselves against their own gun??? What is up with that? You know if one place manages to pull this stunt off, others will follow suit. Our 2nd Amendment was put into place to protect us from these very types of incidents- tyrannical government!

PLEASE contact your reps on these matters. You can find out their contact info here:

Things that are going on are definitely NOT in OUR best interest! Let us take back the control of this country now. This governmental system was set up to be OUR servant - NOT the other way around!
Make your voice be heard!

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