Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tranference of Energy

Over the centuries, marvelous discoveries have been made concerning energy, and how it is transfered.
Little attention has been paid to how humans can transfer energy using their minds. Perhaps this is why institutionalized 'education' came around- to prevent that from happening.
Funny thing about truth. It always surfaces, regardless of how many roadblocks are put in the way by those who wish to control economies and people.
Somewhere in the deeper recesses of the mind is the connection to others(be they human or not- All matter has this energy), and to the energy that flows through us all. Otherwise, the drive for freedom and creativity would have been snuffed centuries ago. But, like blood, it is our lifeline, our sanity, and it holds the key to our future.
The human mind can perceive the energy, even if we are totally unconscious of it. It stirs the desires within us, and keeps us going. It is what essentially guides us, and let's us know when we have had enough.
People everywhere are on a critical breakthrough, and with that comes a sense that once we break through, we will forever change the landscape that has dominated us for centuries. We will finally have conscious access to this empowering energy, and it will set us free.
All the controlling, programming, propaganda, and manipulation by those wishing to mold the world into something they think is strictly for their benefit will cease. It will take us to new levels, and finally put an end to the insanity that the masses have allowed themselves to be subjected to for so long.
All of this will take place in a thought's moment. It is understandable that the controlling entities are terrified of this happening, and won't be willing to give up their position. However, it is inevitable. And the change will affect everything and everyone, without exception.
It is this energy that will bring everything into focus, and will allow harmony and prosperity, enlightenment, if you will. It will culminate in a balance that will correct all the ills of time.
How fortunate we are to be experiencing this uncovering of truth! Imagine how fantastic life will then be for all!

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